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The Harvard-Radcliffe Chinese Students Association (CSA) is one of the largest and most active student organizations at Harvard, with nearly one thousand general members and 22 board members.

As a home to Harvard's Chinese and Chinese-American community, CSA serves as a forum for social, cultural, and educational/political interaction among students of all backgrounds.

CSA hosts nearly 80 events each year, including general meetings, guest speakers on politics and culture, holiday festivals, dim sum runs to Chinatown, parties, and more.

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Who We Are

Mengting: You can usually find me with bubble tea in hand, or if you can't find me at all, I'm probably in the middle of a three hour nap.

Leo: I write/eat with my left hand and do literally everything else with my right hand... so does that mean I'm a leftie or a rightie?

Leo Kim '17
Mengting Zhang '17
Computer Science

Charlie: I am from Columbus, Ohio and am a big Ohio State fan - Go Bucks!

Rachel: My go-to karaoke song is Dancing Queen. I also have an irrational fear of revolving doors. Eck, I hate them.

Charlie Pei '19
Rachel Chiu '19

Taylor: I can surf!

Max: I am very involved with advocacy on campus, and I am actually born on a leap day!

Taylor Li '19
Max Hsiao '18

Lin: I bake food for you if you're my friend! (Be my friend)

Linda: I've had bubble tea for four days in a row now... (4/15/16)

Lin Ni '19
Linda Qin '19

Lily: I am good at shaping dumplings.

Jeffrey: I lived in Spain for a year!

Lily Zhao '19
Jeffrey Wang '19

Judy: I am a huge foodie and probably have eaten more ramen this year alone than you have your whole life. I also enjoy sci-fi tv shows (Battlestar Galactica) and staying up late chatting about life.

Judy Yang '17

Rachit: I once won a belly-dancing contest.

Willie: I am a hoopster~

Rachit Singh '18
Computer Science
Willie Jin '18

James: I was obsessed with James Bond.

Christy: I'm obsessed with whales!

James Kim '19
Christy Cheng '19

Joey: I enjoy blinding myself as I watch the sun set over the Charles River from my room on the 6th floor! Also, ball is life.

Kevin: When I first joined CSA, they called me Monitor Guy because I had six monitors on my desk the first time they saw me. Now it's only four!

Joey Kubicki '17
Computer Science
Kevin Zhang '18
Computer Science

Tony: One day over the summer, I spent an hour trying to catch a rabbit.

Krystal: I eat apple sauce with EVERY meal!

Derek: "Silly silly"

Tony Lin '18 / Krystal Phu '19 / Derek Peng '19
HDRB / Undecided / Undecided
Upcoming Events

Nothing for now; enjoy the summer! We'll have events in the fall :)

You can still contact us for questions at admin@harvardcsa.org!

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Want a fun, low time-commitment way to get involved with the Chinese community here on campus? Join a Chinese Student Association Sibling Family! Sib Fams include 2-3 upperclassmen heads and other students with whom you'll establish a real sense of community through events like hotpot, casual hangouts, parties, SibFam-wide contests and so on.
Sib Fams are an excellent way to get to know the rest of the Harvard Chinese community. Everyone of all ages and backgrounds is encouraged to join!
Pre-frosh: sign up to get event updates, info about Harvard, and a mentor in the Chinese community! Your mentor can answer questions about life at Harvard, advice about concentrations, and more!